What a feeling

We are from Holland and we moved for one year to Spain. We miss our friends and family the most, so we visited them during our trip to Holland (may 29-june 9). It was like a holiday, but for us it feels like the other way around. We are still so used to Holland, so it felt like we were back from our holiday in Spain. It’s only 2,5 months later since we moved to Spain. The holiday feeling in Spain is still there, besides our obligations. In Spain we still have a lot to discover like the mountains, different cities and for example the supermarket is a paradise with delicious food and fresh vegetables. Especially the tomatoes, they are "mucho mucho" more tasty here. So we love to cook by ourselves. In Holland we were used to order some diner, but in Spain not once until now. The difference is we are more motivated because of the quality of the food and we have more time during the day in Spain. Around siësta time we make our greatest hot meal and to finish the day around 22:00 o clock we make a small meal. It’s all in between work. We love the spanish daily routine. SWIM WORK EAT SLEEP PLAY REPEAT.

During the trip to Holland we became aware of the difference with the weather in Spain. In Spain the weather is stable, because we live perfectly between the mountains and the see. That’s why we can leave our home every morning without thinking. The only clothes we wear is short sleeves and shorts. The temperature has remained 26 degrees on average. Very livable from the morning till the evening, with most of the time a (light) breeze. We are talking about May until mid-July. In Holland we were reminded to bring other clothes just in case the weather would change. You have to be prepared in Holland and think about your shorts and at the same time of your winterjacket.

By just visiting new tennis and padelclubs and play a match we met a lot of people and made some friends. They are very curious to our story about our adventure. It feels like they are very interested and takes all the time to help us. We love to exchange ideas to learn a lot in a short time. It’s nice that we met some dutch people aswell with the same idea and lifestyle. They are jealous. “You are doing a great job! This is the place to go for a short trip to get a holiday feeling rightaway and to promote Padel”.

A lot of spanish people are able to talk english, because a lot of people from the UK, Holland, Russia and Sweden live close to Marbella. They are travelling a lot to the country of origin to visit family and friends. We have that in common. A lot of dutch people own a second house or they go on holiday to the Costa del Sol. Some spanish people from the interior of Spain have a second house here aswell, because of the heat. In the summer they prefer to stay at the Costa del Sol with a breeze, instead of very hot summers up to 40 degrees.