Discover a new life

I am writing this story from inside the plane on my Iphone. I am sitting next to the window, on my left side there is a women sleeping on the shoulder of the man next to her that she doesn’t know. The man is looking at me and doesnt know what to do. I try to tell him with my facial expression: “good luck, I don’t know what you should do aswell”.

Today we are traveling from Malaga to Weeze, that is Germany, but just one hour away from where my dad lives in Holland. The view today is amazing, you can see everything because the sky is very clear today. It actually looks like we are not flying that high. When you have this amazing view you realise you have so many new places, cities, lands to discover and a lot of new people to meet. I think about this more often because we moved from Holland to Spain and our lives changed a lot!

We have stepped in a completely different world two months ago by leaving a really structured dutch world. We started to discover an entire new “open tranquilo world” in Spain. I highly recommend to all of you to just go somewhere for a longer period of time. You have no idea what you could learn about that experience and how it could majorly impact your life. The only way of learning new things, is by experciencing it. You could say, yes I have been there on holiday I know how it is. I am certain that most people don’t know anything about it.

Do you know what it is like to don’t know if you are going to work tomorrow? You probably know your entire schedule for the week, month of even the year. How would you feel about it, when there is no structure? How does it make you feel if you would cancel your entire agenda for the next month. No work, no friends, no homework, no meetings and now try to feel that there is nobody that expects you to do something.

How does that make you feel? It feels good, doesn’t it? All the time of the world. Now think about what you really want to do in that month. I mean what YOU want to do. Don’t even think about spending your energy on somebody else that expects you to do something. You choose what makes you happy! What do you want to do? What gives your life meaning?

This is what we thought about before moving to Spain. What makes us happy? The sun, a swimming pool, playing lots of padel, meeting new people and for me most of all; evolve myself. I want to be a better person, a better padel player and I want to learn how to feel alive. What place is the place for me to live on this world? Spain, Holland or somewhere else?

I wasn’t sure if I have to say this to people, but I do it anyway. Do you believe me if I tell you that I meet more “happy people” here in Spain than I did in Holland?

Ask yourself this question, are you truly happy?

Yes? Perfect!

No? I dare YOU to change this.